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Available for corporate, commercial, and personal projects, our team takes charge of the creative process behind forming a strong brand identity that will weather any storm. Creating visual campaigns, branded content, logos, and any digital, virtual or physical assets you or your company may need to maintain a strong identity on or offline in an ever-changing marketplace. We cover everything from video and photo production, to motion graphics, and graphic design for online and print.




Our experienced team finds the solution for artists and creatives looking for guidance and management in any creative industry. We can help you build a strong brand identity, create and produce visual campaigns, manage partnerships and PR, as well as provide brand and creative consultancy. Look no further than Purpled Elephant to manage your creative assets and to diversify and strengthen your brand.



Our internal team of directors, producers and editors have extensive experience working on a variety of digital, virtual, and on-site creative projects. Covering everything from pre-production to post-production and consultancy, our team can create any type of content you need to set yourself apart from the mainstream and to be the elephant in every room you walk into. We have the tools and experience necessary to create content that cannot be ignored.

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